One Love Vibrations has always had an intention to contribute to various cause's and other NGO's. The founder believes strongly in giving to receive more help. Its a circle of energy.


Revolucion Sin Muertos ll Revolution Without Death

Youth in Medellin, Colombia use Hip Hop to grow a Peace Movement

Contributed $300

Hemp Development

Hemp Plastic Water Bottle development

Contributed $200


1) Making Hip Hop HISTORY!!!

Contributed $200

2) Ecstatic Dance Community- Grass Valley, CA

Contributed Sound System Services from November 2010-Spring 2011

Contribution worth $300 x 15= $4500

3) Loveseeds Festival September 2011

Contributed Time and Energy to set up a Theme space with Sound, Light and performance services

Contribution worth $1000 and raised another $700 in ticket sales


Let's Build a Goddamn Tesla Museum

Contributed $25

Native American Support

Saint Joseph indian School

Contribute $15 a month


1)Amistad Sagrada, Andean Indigenious Childrens Support Network, Peruvian NGO       Contributed $1000

Updates: benefit party October 4th, 2012 & am working on a documentary and short film. Have produced a NGO Promo video and released

2) DAV- Disabled American Veterans       $100 a Year

3) Doctors With Out Borders                     $100 in 2012