Harold Bustamonte

(Lake Titicaca, Peru; April 2012)

Born Bogota Colombia South America 1968  "Flower Child" X Generation

As Harold German Bustamante

I come froma very influencial and professional family in Colombia South America. My Grandfather owned a newspaper and also was a congressman/parliment member in the 50-70's. My uncles are doctors, poets, geologist, politicians and some have worked for the United Nations and Governments in South America and in Europe. 

I honor my humanitarian and producer goals to my Father; German Bustamante. He was raised in Colombia and after being shoot in an assasination attempt on my grandfather at 17 years of age, helost a lung but was sent to USA to recover and safety protocals and he served in the US Air Force for 2 Years. He became an electronic Engineer and lived his life humbly and spiritually to try to implement ways to raise money for his people in Colombia for Health Clinics and bringing Peace to war torn Colombia. He died in 1997 in a car crash and he supported my visions up to the day he died. In fact he wanted to join me. He wanted to help people and have a good life for his family. He is survived by myself, my mother and my sister and brother. My influence of becoming and training as a producer comes from him. 

My family was established in New York since early 60's, relocated to Houston Texas in early 70's. I lived Southwest Houston, pretty much raised as a Texan since birth and was in Naval JROTC until I was Leutenant JG. I had vsions of being an Marine officer and serving as a lifer. I was the founder of the Semper Fidelis Club of Texas, which was a small multi-cultural youth club focused on training and getting focused on Military service. WHat can i say we were Gun HO. 

After some life changing situations I ended uo dropping out of High School in my senior year and joining the military so I wouldn't get caught up in local increasing gang activity. I left Houston and never went back. Family relocated to Georgia.

Served in US Regular Army 1987-1992 in the Infantry and is a member of Veterans for Peace since 2005.

1990-1991 University of Souther Colorado, I was involved with local Pueblo CoPirg Recycling initiatives, I was inspired to make a difference in my and other lives. I was called back into military service for the 1st Gulf War. I was a trained Infantry Scout Sniper and was wishing to be a medic instead. My orders were cut and I was sent to re-activation training to be sent into active duty with my unit the 101st Air Assault Battalion 1/327th Infantry. i received a batch of shots, and was injured in a training exercise that delayed my exit to the war theater and the 1st Gulf War ended before I could make it there. I was given a 2nd chance in life, I attended college at University of Colorado, Boulder. I found my interest in entertainment, design, photography and film. I worked as an intern at War Records, Producer/DJ at a local AM station and the college radio and stage hand for College concert productions and Denver area Concert Productions. Over 50 events and arena events including Lallapalooza Festivals. 

Harold Bustamonte has a history of Not for profit development with the CoPirg (Colorado Interest Research Project), Colorado Band Coalition 1993-1995 based out of University of Colorado, Boulder. Unified 125 local acts/bands in 1993 up to 225 by 1995 for local causes. Organization was de-activated due to lack of an internal support team. I learned from that experience that I needed a team and a community that wished to support such organizations besides the acts. I also formed the Boulder Chapter of Food Not Bombs in 1997. 

1995 I started my spiritual transformation and started traveling the country via back pack and pure faith. AT this time Jerry Garcia of the band called " The Grateful Dead" passed away. i learned a lot from the transient hippie and touring community of that day. I lived off a barely $20 a month with out government support of food stamps or such. I needed to discover myself as I was lost to what society pushes you to become and what little financial network I had in my immigrant family. 

 I spent the next few years becoming aware of US internal cultural affairs in native america, civil rights and environmental justice. At one time I was an active minister and still hold that license thru the Universal Life Church. I became an activist and as an ex-soldier I found my self dumbfounded by all the facts that come to you about what most of mainstream society is not aware of. I was inspired to create an organization that i decided would take me years to help others  that had great ideas, projects and were not being supported by the mainstream network of philanthropy or not for profits. 

I was raised in a life to serve people, and I have transitioned from my upbringing from a military national point of view to a Global Humanitarian Visionary. I formed the vision of One Love Vibrations, formerly One Love Vibrations Foundation. Out of an experience to heal myself to find a way to serve others and my influences by reggae music icon Bob Marley.

Being on a grassroots path and traveling the country in a time when gas was almost half a dollar a gallon, I was able to see  "Sea from Shining Sea" all 50 states, I saw Alaska prior thru my military service via on way to South Korea. I met fellow conscious humans of all races everywhere and saw a network of people helping people, in the woods, on the streets and in every community including spiritual communities. I was on a path to learn and be guided and heal my PTSD and my health from shots I received from the military. I became a vegetarian, a raw food-ist, an Earth Firster, a protester and a student of life, love, healing, music and art. I always had visions of big gatherings everywhere after I experienced my 1st Rainbow Gathering in 1995. I found a community that gave me love by recognizing my simple self. Not a  CULT by mainstream propaganda but a development of CULTURE lacking in mainstream america. Mainly white america or those of us who are considered minorities had to accept a white attitude and ignore our ancestral cultures, history and technologies. 

In 1999 I found Hawaii and Hawaii gave me Aloha ( LOVE ) in another cultural manner. From 1998 to present I found west coast USA/Canada and was influenced by this community thru the traveling festival network that existed as it has in ancient gypsy trails in asia. Since the late 1990's Fuel prices rose that traveling cross country became more difficult to impossible without creating some sort of business. 

I was lucky to make a big leap thru the help of a supportive friend. Michael Franti of Spearhead and his staff accepted me and brought me in as family and supported my cause and visions and I supported them by creating ways to communicate to the network that existed in the Rainbow Network. 

2000-2004 I traveled as an activist information networker on tour with Michael Franti and in 2004 was sponsored to travel cross country with Michael and Ziggy Marley. My on the road team created One Love Lifestyles Magazine and distributed to over 40 cities across the US and Canada. 

From 2003-2006 One Love Lifestyles Magazine published 3 issues out of our back packs. 

I also represented World Unity Flag Society of Canada from 1998-2006 and the World Unity Flag was adopted by One Love Vibrations as its logo symbol. 

2006-2012 I have moved from selfless service to re-establishing my personal life and re-organizing and re-creating One Love Vibrations projects.

"I have been working on these visions since 1995 when I dropped out of society to find myself and heal from my military experience. I joined the ranks of thousands who where known as rainbows, hippies, transients, homeless vets, travelers, activist, dreads etc. I grew my dreadlocks from 1995 to 2009 and considered them a living testiment to my spiritual and human evolution. Something considered sacred in older cultures. I have South American native blood on the Chibcha lineage and I have mixed European blood of Spanish Moor, Italian and German lineage. This awakening in my own discovery of my ancestral heritage has connected me to  the awareness of Human evolution and importance to spread unity upon humanity. One Love Vibrations is a constant project I am working to fulfill for others to be inspired and manifest into their lives. beyond politics and religious beliefs we are all humans and we all have similar goals and needs. Moving beyond ignorance and illusion the truth will set us free to become that humanistic global society equal and fair to each other. Love is a guiding force in my life and Love is a healing force for all."

I have taken many levels to dedicate my life to service as I develop myself and I being a father has helped me be focused on whats important and relevant in this ever changing reality on our Planet Earth. I have re-integrated back into mainstream society and am working with thousands and millions of Americans, Canadians and Earth citizens on the transcending and environmental changes of our Planet Earth. its no longer about one thing or some conspiracy, its all about change. change of reality as humanity has known it for thousands of years. The reality is that reality is changing, technology and spirituality are merging and human conciousness is no longer about a select few but a mass awakening on levels no government or group can predict or control. 

I have dedicated towards using multi-media as my career goals to help in the healing of the Earth. I hope to build good projects with others and produce good events, films, books & global activities to entertain and educate for positive action. I wish to support all my healers, shamans, teachers, scholars and travelers on transforming the present in-balanced Earth into a new harmonic Peaceful Planet Earth. 

I have re-established my self into society and I am active in my film, music, writing and global cultural awareness activities and training. I am a peaceful person and dislike war. I do support peoples rights for human rights of shelter, food, education, independence, opportunity and progressive living with cultural protection. Humanity is losing its ancient cultures and so much to do to help people. I believe in democratic values but do not choose to support a particular political party or idealism. I love all cultures and have an understanding of all spiritual beliefs and religions. I was raised Roman Catholic but have read many versions of the Bible, the Koran, Baghavagita, Buddist teachings, Native teachings and prophecies. I practice yoga, natural medicine and I am a vegetarian.

A childs eyes tells it all, one that has doors to open with proper influence will only give the world a positive action for its harmony and healing. Good health and education, opportunity for sustainability and a happy life. 

Spreading One Love, World Peace and Unity will be my motto for life. 

Update: September 2012

I recently completed a 2 month Filmmakers Course with New York Film Academy at Universal Studios in Los Angeles California